Doodle Success Stories

The average worker spends 2 hours a week in pointless meetings. That’s 104 hours per year that could be spent doing real work that produces tangible results. When the scheduling process is time-consuming and unwieldy, you end up having more meetings than you need. More importantly, poorly organized or pointless meetings are a drain on your time and money, can impact client relationships and pose a threat to workplace productivity.

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doodle-point Strategic Resource Group: When scheduling one meeting with Doodle, the executive saved 8.5 hours and $297.50.

doodle-point US Environmental Agency: The agency, known for scheduling upwards of 300 team meetings a year, was able to save 150 hours of their team’s time and $5,250.

doodle-point City of Arvada, Colorado: Administrative tasks and email back-and-forth were taking up too much of the team’s time. By using Doodle, the team was able to save 3 hours a week, which resulted in a total of $5,460 in annual savings.