Growing Client Loyalty Remotely

We have always believed the key to customer loyalty is engaging with customers through a combination of in-person and online meetings. But if online meetings are the only option, could client relationships, trust and loyalty suffer? According to our research, customer engagement and loyalty have, in fact, grown stronger amidst the current crisis.

Download this research study to learn how you can grow your client trust and loyalty by leveraging key findings and trends, such as:

doodle-point The pressure to keep clients happy has employees running ragged to be superstar performers. 46 percent of employees have been conducting client meetings outside of normal working hours to accommodate their clients’ schedules.

doodle-point Meeting overload is bad for employee mental health. A full week of virtual meetings leaves 38 percent of employees feeling exhausted, while 30 percent feel stressed. 

doodle-point Client loyalty isn't as fragile or fleeting as you think. 65 percent of employees haven’t lost any clients since making the shift to online-only meetings.